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let our technology identify the RISKS!

Data control solutions for operational challenges
Assure data integrity in Real-Time across multiple and disconnected systems.
Be free of errors, non compliance and fraud.
Save time and money
Receive only actionable alerts with complete traceability for quick corrective actions.

DorRa Platform


Identify process breakdowns automatically and take action early.  Maximize audit efficiency and eliminate cash leakage while helping to create a culture of compliance 

reducing out-of-policy spending by 70%. 


AI-powered DorRA automatically identifies data integrity breaches across disparate data sources and tells you exactly where they occur. 


DorRa Continuously monitors and analyzes your business-critical data, immediately alerting you to potential cybercrime, fraud, errors, duplicates before any financial losses can occur in one solution.


Meet Datachain

The Challenge

The industry lacks a method to control data across multiple disparate systems automatically, leaving it vulnerable to fraud, bypass, duplicates and system errors. Only 16% of organizations believe that they perform well with their analytical models because of data reliability.

Improve the nature of Controls - most customers rely on manual control processes to satisfy operational and regulatory compliance requirements.

Our Vision

Datachain enables continuous monitoring that identifies ever-changing risks by assuring Data Integrity across a digital ecosystem. 

Founded upon the belief that organizations need their critical data to be created and delivered reliably and accurately, and identify a problem before any financial losses or customer complaint calls.

We help companies contextually connect their data to the entire end-to-end business process, shattering the traditional notions that IT must combine multiple technologies for the management of business processes and different types of data and that controlling business operations is possible only on the data aggregated KPI level. 

  • Assure Data Integrity, identify all Operational risks as they occur and provide intelligent control of any system’s outputs.  

  • Continuously monitor and analyze 100% of your business-critical data, receive alerts to potential fraud, errors, duplicates, and waste before any financial losses can occur.

Our Technology

DorRa Preserves Data Integrity across multiple and even disconnected systems and processes to provide Intelligent control of enterprise-critical data that drives business processes, using Transaction Chain Network (TCN). •
Each operating system, service or device continuously feeds their transactions to Dorra- our transaction chain management platform.

Dorra contextually connects your data into chains that are validated in real-time. With every transactional change in your business-critical data, related master data and 3rd party data, any data inconsistencies will yield a data integrity breach alert.

  • Get full visibility into the risks within any process. 

  • DorRa platform can be configured to provide insights into any process like Payroll, Selling, Ordering, Manufacturing and more.

  • Real-time protection. When we say real-time we mean within seconds of data being added or changed in a chain. 

  • Stop fraud, bypass, human and system errors with DorRa as she continuously monitors your business critical data.

  • Simplify cyber and fraud security (focus on the enemy at the table vs. at the gate).

  • Reduce waste, loss and cost of operating, including oversight and investigation costs. 




Secure Procure to Pay with DorRa​

Datachain’s proprietary technology significantly reduces labor and allows Controllers to focus on real risks. Stop improper and fraudulent payments before they are processed with continuous monitoring. Identify process breakdowns and resolve internal control failures faster. Validate the accuracy of all entries to mitigate errors and fraud.


Custom Solutions with DorRa

Datachain's robust platform has been adapted to many different industries and business models. Contact us for specific use cases and to see what our technology can do to improve your operations.


Use Cases

Below are  examples of Datachain’s Partner Customers that have identified significant numbers of errors, bypass and duplicate payment risks.

A global Consumer Goods company (SAP customer) with revenue of $5.34B detected and prevented losses from duplicate payments and errors of over $6.9M in a 12-month period.

A global electronics manufacturer with revenue of $6.6B detected and prevented losses of bypass risks and duplicate payments of over $2.4M in a 12-month period.

A global specialty manufacturing company with revenue of $10.6B identified and prevented losses from duplicate payments of over $1.2M and errors of over $2.2M in a 12-month period.

Use Case

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